About Us

Welcome to Against The Grains! Grown from an idea in 2016, ATG set out to provide a meal service in the South Jersey area that showed eating healthier & high quality foods didn’t need to be basic & boring! Tasteless & uninspiring, we found other options to be bland & processed like many frozen “ready to go” dinners. So we started handcrafting delicious meals that not only were unique but well rounded to any goal. Along the way, we’ve begun to offer individual food products & unique offerings that can fit into any lifestyle!


Our offerings vary from macro-based calorie counted options to custom meals & products designed to provide a fun, convenient, & tasteful approach to your everyday life! Our meals & products are hand crafted using only high quality & fresh ingredients (ranging from organic grass fed to locally sourced) to ensure the best “on the go” dining options possible! We aim to provide a service within every allergy restriction & macro need, so be sure to just let us know when ordering! So don’t wait, place your order today with ATG to get on board with the strongest meal prep service around! Stay Hungry Friends!